A Members Only Club, Lux.Capital Aims For Innovation Every Step of The Way

Destinies can change over time. Founded in 2017 by Simeon Dixon as a foreign exchange firm – Lux.Capital, formerly known as Lux.Fortune has since become one of the premier UK property investment companies. Located in prestigious Knightsbridge, our firm has immense pride in its ability to provide high-end service and exceptional investment returns. We are always striving towards a new class of service. Customer centric and specialist driven, Lux.Capital is your prime property investment advisor and developer.

Consistent fixed returns, extraordinary property development projects, and glowing reviews have made us a staple in our industry. We will build wealth on your investments with fixed guaranteed returns of 18% in 18 months, 26% in 24 months, and 32% in 30 months – all with a minimum investment of £10,000.

Lux.Capital Property Investment

Developed for potential investors who want to make a return from investments but require the expertise of seasoned industry specialists with certified returns.

Our Team

Lux.Capital is infinitely proud of its team of property authorities. Ranging from architects to project managers, contractors, sales agents, and solicitors – we will ensure you make the best UK property investment possible. Do this whilst simultaneously participating in fruitful property development ventures. We believe that trust is earned, and we’ll never stop working to earn yours.

All Levels

Whether a novice or a veteran, all levels of experience are invited to invest with Lux.Capital.

Lux.Capital Property Development

From renovations to refurbishments to re-leases, Lux.Capital is well-equipped to develop properties of all shapes and sizes. Luxurious homes and low-cost, high quality residential units form part of our ever-expanding portfolio.

High-End Projects

Starting with refurbishments in Northern England, we have since undertaken small- and large-scale development projects.

Future Projects

Lux.Capital is always striving towards a reality that is yet to be. We will partner with you or your firm to develop properties across the nation. With a trustworthy skillset, we can (and will) make a triumph of your development, no matter what it takes.

Partnership Value

Partnering with other firms allows our clients to realize their full potential in the property sphere.

Our Partners

Lux.Capital has partnered with The BV Group UK Limited, a private limited company that specializes in overseeing top-line building project developments.

Future Partners

Joint ventures are the future. We are willing to partner with other firm that can also guarantee returns for their loyal clients.