About Us

As an independent, privately-owned company, Lux.Fortune strives toward encouraging success in all its forms. Situated in London, our foundation is based upon transparency, simplicity, and commitment toward all our partners and clients.

Founder Simeon established Lux.Fortune in 2017 with the goal of educating Forex & Cryptocurrency traders on the ins and outs of trading. He started Forex trading in 2014 and utilised his first years as a self-taught Forex Market trader to gain valuable experience at different financial institutions. This led him to embark on a new professional level of his Forex trading career, obtaining his certification from one of the UK’s top Forex & Cryptocurrency trading accredited courses.

After years of experience working with aspiring traders and high net-worth investors, Simeon decided to venture further in his career, establishing two additional businesses – Lux.Fortune Property Investment and Lux.Fortune Management.

Our Vision

Lux.Fortune strives to be the best in providing Forex & Cryptocurrency analysis, fixed returns in UK Property Investment and scouting talented creatives.

Our Mission

Our goal is to improve and encourage all-round success for people from all walks of life in the Forex & Cryptocurrency markets, UK Property Investment and Creative Industries. At Lux.Fortune, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with unconditional transparency, exceptional service, and dynamic performance. Our approach is natural, honest, and defined by a genuine interest in each client’s talents and potential.