About Us

Our world-class property development and investment firm strives for excellence in all regions. Located in prestigious Knightsbridge, Lux.Capital provides its esteemed clients with a service that is prompt, transparent, and delivers lasting financial results.

Lux.Capital, formerly known as Lux.Fortune, was founded by Simeon Dixon in 2017, originally specializing in Forex trading & mentoring. Since then, our firm has morphed into one of the most respected UK property investment companies operating on the market today. With a tremendous team of specialists, Lux.Capital is well equipped to invest in and develop properties in all sectors.

With a minimum investment of £10,000, you can make fruitful returns on your investment with Lux.Capital’s expertise and proven experience on your side. By partnering with a high-end property investment advisor, you can ensure that you and your company reach new peaks in a matter of months – all with a singular investment.

Our Vision

We consistently aim to provide the very best UK property investment opportunities to our clients. From residential apartments to luxurious properties, we invest in and develop a wide array of projects in close collaboration with our partners and clients.

Our Mission

Your success means the world to us. We strive to ensure success for property developers and investors from all walks of life. You possess an inherent potential that can be realized with our assistance. Transparent, truthful, and efficient, a Lux.Capital service yields results every single time. We can adapt to an eclectic list of requirements – allowing us to be defined by our dynamism.