Empowering Semi-Pro Footballers.

Lux.Fortune Football is a unique business established under the Lux.Fortune umbrella. With a keen interest in football, investments, and management, we intend to identify, invest, and manage semi-pro football clubs. The foundation of Lux.Fortune Football is laid upon developing footballers and football clubs from a business angle while helping them grow their brand.

We strive toward growing football clubs, whilst nurturing, motivating, and driving talented footballers to be the best they can be in order to reach their full potential.


Lux.Fortune Football has an array of in-house coaches with vast experience in coaching at some of the best football clubs in the UK. Furthermore, we have our own physiotherapists, sports therapists, and personal trainers who specialise in strength and conditioning.


Lux.Fortune Football is proud to have partnered with Biggleswade United Football Club. Founder Simeon Dixon and business partner Art Sosoli are excited to be working alongside club chairman Guillem Balague, a renowned global football journalist. Collectively, we aim to take this football club to new heights with roles of Investment Advisor & Technical Director.

Lux.Fortune Football looks forward to working with Biggleswade United Football Club while welcoming new football clubs into our business ventures.