As the world becomes more and more complex, feelings of unease and anxiety about the future can be powerful enough to make you believe you’re the one falling down the rabbit hole. However, what makes all these question marks about the present and the future somewhat bearable, are the few certainties we can cling to in our times of need – almost like a hook tethering us to reality.

As a real estate investment company, we understand how unnerving these uncertainties can be, which is why we do everything in our power to put you at ease regarding the process we employ when investing, as well as the return you can expect to see. Our top priority is to consistently maintain a fixed return on your investment, giving you the confidence that comes from having something solid you can always count on, no matter how many changes come your way.

Our Values

Another certainty you can rely on, are our core values, which include:

  • Professionalism – we conduct all transactions with care and precision that make you feel like the valued client you are. Our expertise is brought to bear in every investment opportunity to guarantee the best results. You will also receive a brochure on each Property Investment project we are currently working on.
  • Transparency – we are an open book to our clients, and will share everything we know regarding specific investments in real estate. This way, our clients feel confident they can always trust in our skills.
  • High-quality service – we thoroughly research every property we consider, leaving no stone unturned to guarantee fixed return investments.

Our Vision

Aside from these key values, we also pride ourselves on our core offering – a fixed return of 20% within 6 to 12 months and exclusive first options on the best property investments in the UK real estate market.

Founder of Lux.Fortune, Simeon Dixon, is a Financial Market Trading Specialist who started his career in finance in 2014. A born self-starter, Simeon began his career as a self-taught Financial Markets Trader, specializing in Forex Exchange and eventually Cryptocurrency.

Fuelled by an insatiable need to create, he now has his sights set on expanding his business venture to include umbrella business, such as Lux.Fortune Management. Simeon’s industriousness and innovative mindset show how determined he is to make a success of anything he chooses to take on. And with his broad skill range in finance, Simeon always keeps the big picture in mind to make decisions that lead to successful outcomes.

Get the certainty you need to manage change – choose fixed return investments and start growing your wealth, one real estate property at a time, with Lux.Fortune Property Investment.

If you are interested in discussing investments in real estate with Lux.Fortune Property Investment, feel free to reach out to Simeon for an in-depth conversation.

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