Encouraging the Flow of Creative Juices

Lux.Fortune Management was formed as an umbrella business under Lux.Fortune with the goal of finding, managing, and empowering talented creatives in their work as artists. The art and creative industry is challenging and overwhelming. With so many talented artists around, it can become quite a challenge for individual artists to get their names and artwork out there.

Lux.Fortune is a firm believer in encouraging and promoting aspiring talent, which is why we strive toward discovering and managing creative careers to empower artists in reaching their full potential – professionally and financially.

Artistic Partnerships

Layla Oresme

Create. Express. Uplift.

Since childhood, Layla has found immense joy in art. Born into a family surrounded by artistic women, Layla learned never to hesitate on her creative expression.

Layla grew up in Poland and always found solace in her spirituality while enthralled by the church’s ornate iconography and extraordinary paint- and gold-filled ceilings.

Layla had the absolute blessing of growing up in a family that embraced art in all its glory. Her grandmother often gifted her with artistic magazines featuring famous Renaissance works. Naturally, Layla drew inspiration and motivation from all artistic aspects of her life.

As she developed her creative niche, Layla started admiring broadminded and vastly knowledgeable artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, while ultimately expanding her own knowledge. She soon embraced the arts of meditation, metaphysics, and mysticism.

Throughout her life, Layla continuously polished her drawing, painting, and learning skills. That is, until she experienced a profound life change in 2015 – which left her art at a devastating halt. As four years flew past, Layla rediscovered her passion. This time, she is stronger, wiser, and ready to express herself again in her most significant form.

With a renewed enthusiasm and motivation, Layla delves into her first painting series.

The Journey into an Astral Mind

Layla takes every beholder on a journey into her own astral and meditative ventures. Her painting series, Astral Reveries, uncovers a journey into her deep meditative state with interweaved imagery and symbolism.

Both Lux.Fortune Management and Layla invite you to delve into her imagination and spiritual experiences. These artworks aren’t merely for viewing; they are for living, experiencing, and absorbing.

Take a leap into Layla’s creative mind and experience the power of a renewed sense of confidence, hope, and optimism.

For more information, to view, or to purchase from Layla’s collection, feel free to send an email to info@luxfortune.com – Layla’s official website – www.laylaoresme-art.com